How To Clean Your Faucet Aerator

If you’ve noticed that the water flow out of your faucet has drastically slowed, chances are you have a clogged aerator.  Skip the housecall by your plumber, and easily remedy the situation yourself. Before beginning, it’s best to play it safe and plug the drain to avoid losing any small parts.

STEP ONE: Remove Aerator

This can either be done by unscrewing it by hand, or for harder-to-remove aerators, you can use a wrench or pliers.  If using pliers, you’ll want to cover them with either a cloth or electrical tape, to avoid damaging the aerator.

how to remove

STEP TWO: Clean the Aerator Screen and Parts

Depending on how clogged the screen is, it might only need to be rinsed by hand or with a toothbrush until all of the holes in the screen are clear. For more severe buildup, you can soak the parts overnight in white vinegar.  If you notice parts are broken or cracked, you’re going to need to purchase a new aerator entirely.

Note: It’s very important to pay attention to the order the parts are in to ensure that you reassemble it correctly after cleaning.  

Cleaning faucet aerator

STEP THREE: Reassemble Aerator

Place all of the parts back in their original order and screw the aerator back onto the faucet.  This can be done by hand, but if you turn the sink back on and notice that water is leaking from above the aerator, you can use the wrench/pliers to give it a small turn.

We’re all about keeping it simple for you when it comes to household repairs, and this one is as easy as it gets!

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