Renovated bathroom

A Look Inside: Bathroom Before and After

A Look Inside: Bathroom Before and After

As a contractor, every project we take on always has its own process. Regardless of how extensive a job may be, there is always a starting point and a finish line, and anything can happen in-between. Our clients have a vision at the starting point, and it’s our job to bring their vision to reality with an end result that we’re all proud to show off.

A previous client of ours in West Hartford reached out again when they were looking for a total bathroom renovation.


The original bathroom had subway tile that they were looking to update to the more modern, rectangular style (that continues to be on-trend). Along with replacing all of the appliances and laying a new floor, they wanted to deepen their tub and add recessed niches in the shower.

Shower niches are a problem solver for those shampoo bottles and exfoliants that you just don’t know what to do with. They’re cleaner than most wire racks and don’t take up any room in your shower.

Outdated bathroom before it is renovated.


Every great renovation begins with the fun part: Demo Day. Demo Day, short for demolition, is always enjoyable and can also be the most eye-opening. As you can see, we strip everything down to the bones and start with a blank canvas. Here’s where we can find any flaws from the original build, repair underlying issues, or simply see exactly what we’re working with. Most jobs have 1-2 Demo Days, depending on how big the project is.

Stripped bathroom ready to be renovated with new tile, flooring, and fixtures


The “During” is the fun part, but the “After” is the rewarding part. Completely re-tiled from floor to (almost) ceiling – this renovated bathroom was brightened up with white and greys. We installed a slightly smaller sink with cabinets underneath to open out the layout while adding storage. 

The project took about 3 ½ weeks from start to finish.

Finished shower renovation with new tile and fixtures
Newly renovated bathroom, viewed from doorway
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