Custom Carpentry and Trim


Custom carpentry projects are an excellent way to dress up an area or utilize a space better. This type of work is ideal for maximizing closet or pantry storage, or creating a stunning moment in your living areas or bedrooms by way of window seats or shelving. Pieces like these provide a dual purpose as they’re both functional and stylish and add value to your home for years to come.

If you are considering a custom carpentry piece, we encourage you to watch the short video below. Zac will guide you through the things to keep in mind and prepare you for the process ahead. It is an exclusive peek into the first conversation we have with potential clients who are looking to add value to their home through custom carpentry projects.

Custom-made library in Simsbury, CT

This is a custom built-in shelving piece for a client’s sitting room in Simsbury. Our client had a great vision for this space and we were thrilled to take on the project! The final result is really something. The piece integrates perfectly with the room, as if it were always there.

Reading Nook in Avon, CT

This project was for a client in Avon and combines functionality and leisure! We love the way the piece frames the window and provides hidden storage underneath. With a cozy place to sit and books in arms reach, it’s the perfect place to read.

Custom Closet Optimization in Watertown, CT

Don’t underestimate what you can do with closet space! Our client needed storage for all their children’s school supplies, shoes, jackets etc.
Their original closet was pretty typical, with a wire shelving unit and some floor space. Our team of carpenters helped design a storage layout that optimized every inch of the space, and ensured it was beautiful as well! Now our clients are fully prepared for when school starts!


Custom Oak Handrails

Add a touch of sophistication and craftsmanship to your stairs with custom made handrails! These are oak crafted in a standard style that we’ve made for a handful of clients over the years. They are sturdy and beautiful, and we are able to make them exactly the length you need for your home, ensuring safety when mounting or dismounting the stairs.


Finish Trim Work

Finish trim work completes rooms and buildings. Without trim, the house looks unfinished and incomplete. There are many styles and different types of trim for different applications. From standard base trim, 2-piece crown molding, to a 10-piece door casing, trim can be basic, or very ornate.  If you have a picture of something you absolutely love, we can recreate it for you!

Avon Kitchen Trim Work

The details added to the cabinetry in our client’s Avon kitchen completely elevates the look of the space. In fact, our clients liked the trim so much that when we were nearing the end of their kitchen project, they ordered decorative box frames for the exposed side faces of each cabinet. This extra step pushed the timeline out a little farther, but the final result was well worth it.

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