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What ZN Construction Offers

At ZN Construction we offer a superior value to clients by focusing on providing an excellent experience

Our high quality of workmanship comes standard and includes a lifetime warranty. The experience we provide our clients is unmatched by our competition. We also provide the simple things like showing up when we say we’ll show up, cleaning up after ourselves, and finishing projects in the fastest time possible for the least disruption. We keep clear lines of communication throughout the project about how the project is going and what will happen next. All of this would seem to be common sense, but unfortunately many of our competitors fall short in some or all of these areas.

Our mission is to be a force for positive change in the construction industry by creating a positive impact in the lives of everyone we interact with. We primarily do this by placing our focus on providing an excellent experience for each and every one of our clients we work for.

Our Story

Zac started ZN Construction and Contracting, LLC in 2014. That first year he did everything himself, from finding new clients, to pounding in the last nail on each project. Over the last few years our company has changed and grown exponentially. Over the next few years as we continue to grow, the company will continue to change for the better. What will never change is our commitment to our clients, placing their needs and desires first. Our goal is for 100% client satisfaction, and to date we have been able to keep that goal. We never leave a project until our clients are delighted with their home’s new look. Our goal is to develop a personal relationship with each of our clients, so that we are able to assist and serve you as needed for various projects in the future!

ZN Construction is A Veteran-Owned Company

Zac spent six years serving in the military in an Army National Guard unit. His job specialty for the Army was 31B, Military Police. The unit was designated as a combat MP unit; meaning that their training and mission was similar to mounted infantry, rather than law enforcement in the military. In 2012, he deployed with the unit to Afghanistan for a 1-year tour. While overseas they supported and trained Afghan national and local police in various patrol missions, including convoy security, sweeping for IEDs, providing security for EOD, Engineers, and more. Zac’s time in the military enabled him to become a strong leader and provided invaluable professional and personal training and experience that can only be found in the military.

We treat Your House As If It were our own

We try to be as considerate and unobtrusive as possible while working on your home, in order to provide you with the least disruption possible while completing your project. We use a cutting edge 3-step dust management system for all of our interior remodeling projects. We have 100% customer satisfaction from our previous projects, and many references and customer reviews available upon request. All of our workmanship comes with a lifetime guarantee. When you choose us for your project, you will not be disappointed!

All of our employees and sub-contractors have been thoroughly vetted to ensure that we only hire and employ clean, respectful carpenters with no criminal background. We have over 45 years combined experience on our team. You will know throughout the project process what is going on and what the next steps will be. Clear lines of communication come standard with every quote. We show up to the job site on time, and work efficiently and effectively to complete your project in the smoothest possible manner. 

The ZN Construction Team

Zac Neville

Zac has a passion for helping others. Zac developed the principles that are the backbone of this company by observing problems in the contracting industry during his years of working with other companies. Where there was poor communication, low customer satisfaction, and unprofessionalism, he saw opportunity. He firmly believes in giving his clients an unmatched experience in every aspect of their project. It is his belief that the best way to accomplish this goal is to develop his team of experts both personally and professionally. He and his wife Jillian have three young children.
Eric Collins - Carpenter

Joe Johnson

Joe had seven years of experience as an HVAC tech and plumber before joining the ZN team in 2016. His attitude of always being willing to learn new skills has made him an invaluable member and leader here at ZN. He finds interior renovation to be his favorite kind of project and always welcomes a new challenge. After work, Joe enjoys playing guitar and listening to music.
Ryan Fullerton - Team Leader

Ryan Fullerton

With over twenty years of experience in carpentry, Ryan brings a wide variety of experience to the team. Although he is skilled in all aspects of building and remodeling, he has specialized in exterior home renovations. His experience, passion for building, and ability to lead others makes him a valuable project manager and member of our team. He enjoys spending time with his three children and stays active by participating in basketball leagues.
Joe Johnson - Team Leader

Eric Collins

Born and raised in Connecticut, Eric graduated from Oliver Wolcott Technical School for carpentry in 2007. Eric has over ten years of experience in the trades – six years with a focus on roofing and four years in building and remodeling. After working for various companies, he decided to join ZN Construction in order to refine his skills in all aspects of the industry. Eric has unmatched attention to detail. He enjoys spending time with family and friends, as well as hiking with his dog and riding motorcycles.

Steve Jackson

Steve is a part of our dynamic inside sales team. He uses his many years of experience in this industry to assist our clients and ensure their visions become a reality. After years of in-field experience, Steve brought his talent to our local lumber yard, Miners Inc. and quickly moved up in the company. In his sales position there, he specialized in windows, doors, decking, and all stages of estimating projects for his clients, including ZN. After nearly a decade of success with Miners, Steve made the decision to join the ZN family. The relationships he had made over the years with Zac and the rest of the team, made the transition seamless. If you ask him why he joined our team, he always answers the same: “I have seen a lot of companies over the years, and I see something very special here!“

Outside of ZN, Steve is a dedicated husband and father. He enjoys spending time fishing, golfing, building his record collection, and reading as much as he can. His outgoing personality, attention to detail, and desire to create lasting relationships with his clients makes him a valuable member of the ZN team.

Joe Walker

Joe has been in the business of construction and home remodeling for almost 20 years. He was fortunate enough to have a father/mentor with his own business in the field and learned carpentry from the ground up at a very young age. Joe prides himself in his passion and attention to detail in every aspect of home remodeling; from kitchens and bathrooms to additions and roofing. In his free time, Joe enjoys hiking with his family and gardening. He is always looking to grow and learn in every aspect of life. He is excited to be part of a team that has the same goals and values as he does.

Anna Neville

Anna is Zac’s sister. She has a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art with a concentration in Graphic Design and four years of professional graphic design experience, specifically in regard to developing brand identities. She is also an avid instagram aesthetic enthusiast. When Zac proposed the idea of leading ZN’s social media accounts and marketing needs, it was a dream come true. When she is not working, Anna enjoys riding her bike and cooking.

Nick B

Nick was born and raised in Southwest Florida. Watching his father build their family home and own and operate his own construction business gave Nick an admiration for the trade from a young age. He started doing handyman work at the age of 18 and continued for three years on his own until he was introduced to the music festival industry. There he was able to travel for several years and eventually met his partner. When their son was born he chose to return to trade-work. He has specialized in cabinetry, creating large outdoor screened decks, and building houses from start to finish before coming to join ZN. When asked about his prior experience he says: “I feel as if all my prior experience prepared me perfectly for working with ZN; I’m glad to be a part of such a dynamic team!” Nick loves working with his hands and seeing a great end-product.

Nick G

Nick loves all aspects of home remodeling. He got involved in the trades because he wanted to be able to design and build a house of his own. He had many years of carpentry experience before joining our team. When asked why he joined ZN he says: “I joined ZN because I wanted to be a part of something bigger. I wanted an environment where I could learn, but also a place where I could develop and use my skill as a carpenter.” Nick brings excellence to everything he does. He appreciates ZN’s strong focus on providing the best service and craftsmanship for clients. In his free time Nick enjoys working on his own home, riding, building and learning about motorcycles. He also loves camping, snowboarding, and being active with his two dogs.

Matt Taylor

Matt spent the better part of a decade as a commercial roofer before making the transition to carpentry. He has always loved taking on and overcoming challenges. He loves exercising this trait in home improvement projects as he appreciates the problem solving involved. When he is not working, Matt enjoys playing pool, hiking in the summer and “shredding the gnar” in the winter!

Rob Kulik

Rob fell in love with carpentry at a young age. He always loved math as well, and enjoys how the two interests inform each other. He worked in the trades as he got older, eventually apprenticing with a master carpenter for many years before joining ZN. Outside of work he enjoys golfing and skiing, and spending time with his friends and family.

Cristian Fiscella

Cristian has been an avid landscaper since his teenage years. Even while working in his past careers in the Military & Law Enforcement, Cristian continued to work in landscaping during his free time. Over the years of running his own landscaping business part-time, he expanded his knowledge in the trade and developed team building skills. When Zac reached out to him about partnering with ZN Landscaping, Cristian recognized they had the same vision, and was thrilled to be a part of it. Since joining the team full-time, Cristian has added immense value to the ZN team and has aided in growing the Landscaping Division of the company exponentially. When Cristian is not playing with dirt and machines, he enjoys taking his two beautiful kids and wife fishing or camping in the woods. No matter where Cristian goes, you can always find him outside playing with dirt!

Suzanne Neville

Suzanne has been answering the ZN Construction phone since 2019. She enjoys talking with potential clients and guiding them through our quote process. Sometimes the conversations are straight to the point but at times Suzanne is able to provide outside-of the-box solutions, especially when a potential client has had a horrendous experience with another construction company.  She has personally lived through two house/kitchen renovations and is also the mother of six children!  Needless to say, Suzanne has an excellent sense of  humor, and she is an incredible asset to our team.

ZN Construction provides the Best Service in the Industry

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