Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions by our clients. We have compiled them here so that our clients are well prepared and know about us prior to hiring us to complete any projects.

We are a professionally run construction company with a high value placed on the members of our team. Everyone in our company is committed to learning, growing, and helping each other succeed and better themselves professionally and personally.

Typically, after seeing photos of your project (or scheduling an on-site consultation), we will give you an estimate. If the estimate is acceptable to you and you would like us to complete the project, we will request a deposit to hold a spot in our schedule, and also set up a time that works for you and for our schedule to complete the project.

From there one of our crews will start and finish your project, all while providing an excellent experience! For remodeling projects, the first step of the project process is typically the demo phase. We pride ourselves on providing a clean work environment and leaving your house cleaner than we found it. During the entire project we clean up the work site each day. At the end of the project we clean the entire space, making it as if we were never there (as best as possible).

After the demo is complete, the rough HVAC, plumbing, and electrical is completed. Then comes the insulation for exterior walls.

After insulation comes the drywall, installation, taping, and finishing to a paint-ready condition. We also take special care here to control sheetrock dust as best as possible. We use a 3-step dust management system during all of our demo and sheetrock sanding work.

After the drywall, it all starts coming together. Flooring, doors, and trim are installed, and then painted. Typically, this stage is close to the finishing stages of the project, depending on what project we are doing.

Typically, we work Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30-5:30 p.m. depending on where we are at that day. Sometimes we may request to start at 7:00 a.m. instead of 8:00 a.m. Occasionally we will work on the weekends, but only with prior confirmation from our client.

We specialize and have a high level of experience with all aspects of building and remodeling. We have completed every type of project possible. At this time, we focus only on projects related to the actual building, from top to bottom. It is possible that in the future we may branch out to landscape construction.

We manage scheduling through online applications. We pre plan each project, in order that we might give our clients the smoothest and most excellent experience possible.

The timeline will be different depending on the type of project that you would like us to complete. We pride ourselves on typically being more prepared and having faster than average job completion. During the sales process we will go over the expected timeline for your project.

We call our project supervisors/managers Team Leaders. Your team leader for your project will vary depending on our schedule, and the type of project you would like us to complete. We keep our team section of the About Us page as up to date as possible, and it will be someone from that page who will be your direct contact person.

We use primarily our own employees (members of our team) to complete our projects. We use professional licensed and insured subcontractors for specialty items, such as mechanical trades. We also have expert subcontractors that we use for certain projects. All of our employees and subs have been vetted by us for quality assurance in keeping with our standards of excellence.

We started this company in 2014. Each year we have experienced exponential growth, and we believe that this is because of our values and commitment to excellence.

Yes, we are fully licensed and insured with workman’s compensation and liability insurance.

We complete a wide variety of different building and remodeling projects each year and, depending on the year, we may have completed many projects similar to yours. We aim for 100% client satisfaction and have many references from satisfied clients available upon request. We also have many online reviews from previous clients on various websites.

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