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THE POWER OF POWER WASHING: 3 Reasons You Should Powerwash Your Home

As we inch closer towards Summer, we’re all heading back outside to take care of some home maintenance projects. Power washing your home is one project that you want to make sure is on your list of priorities this season. 1. Prevents Damage As time goes on, your home’s exterior will accumulate damaging substances such …

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Finished basement with bath


Whether you’re installing a new mirror in your bathroom vanity or adding one over your fireplace mantle for decor, this is one item that you’re going to want to ensure is hung properly. No one wants 7 years of bad luck!


Some of you may be rolling your eyes at what you consider to be the simplicity of this task, but keep in mind that not everyone owns a stud finder, so there may be times where you’re left to your own devices. Even if you do have a stud finder handy, they are notoriously inaccurate depending on the thickness of your wall, as well as providing false positives for picking up other items in your walls. To avoid unnecessary holes in your walls, we’ve got some quick and easy options to help you in your journey to locating a wall stud.

P Trap Under Sink

How To: Clean Your P Trap

For those unaware of the purpose of a P Trap, they are designed to hold water so that sewer gas doesn’t come out of the drain. Over time, they can also collect debris, so it’s good practice to clean them every so often

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