ZN Residential Painting

Our New Painting Division

As we mentioned in October, we recently launched our Painting Division of ZN Construction in an effort to provide more services for everyone we work with.


This new division allows us to create a smoother process for our current projects, as well as provide a service that we had not provided in-house previously. We are bringing our mission and values from our construction services into our painting and look at this extension as just one more way that we can verify the finished product will meet both our standards and yours. 


As the winter season approaches, home renovation projects are heading indoors; making now the perfect time to do some updating that you’ve been putting off.


Some of our services include:

  • Painting ceilings, walls, and trim

  • Scraping and skimming popcorn ceilings

  • Painting kitchen cabinets

  • Spraying doors, trim, and built-ins

  • Epoxy floors in garages and basements

  • Exterior painting of all types (Spring 2021)

We are excited to continue to grow our selection of services and look forward to continuing working with all of you in the future!


For a free painting quote, email us at sales@znconstructionct.com 

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