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Whether you’re installing a new mirror in your bathroom vanity or adding one over your fireplace mantle for decor, this is one item that you’re going to want to ensure is hung properly. No one wants 7 years of bad luck!


We find that using either french cleats or toggle bolts are the most secure way to get the job done for very heavy mirrors. For more typical size mirrors, wall anchors work well.


Once you’ve secured the mounting brackets, or cleats, to the back of the mirror frame (most mirrors come with these already attached):

  • Interlock the second bracket to the attached one using your hand to hold it in place. OR
  • Measure the distance from the top of the mirror to the top of the pre-drilled bracket holes to determine where you need to make your screw holes in the wall.


  •  Measure the space you want to hang the mirror (or mirrors), and plan out your measurements for proper and even spacing. With this in mind, lightly mark the wall with a pencil at the height you want the top of the mirror to sit.
  • From this point, measure down the distance you determined was from the top of the mirror to the top of the bracket holes. Mark it with a pencil.
  • Measure the length of the mirror and mark the wall to note the outer edges of its length.
  • Measure the distance from the outer edge of the mirror to the outer edge of the attached brackets. Mark these points on the wall.
  • Using a level, draw a line between your two points on either end to ensure that the brackets will be hung evenly.
  • To double-check your measurements, place the outer edge of your brackets on the point you had marked on the wall. Make a line inside of the pre-drilled holes of the bracket for you to use as your reference point when drilling. Repeat for the bracket on the other side. 


*If using anchors/toggle bolts*

  • Use your drill to make holes in the designated spots and insert your wall anchors. Make sure the anchors that you’re using are rated for the weight of the mirror.

Note: Lightly tap with a hammer to make sure they are flush with the wall

  • Insert the screws into the wall anchors and hang the brackets on the mirror onto the screws

*If using a french cleat*

  • Drill the wall bracket into the wall, not fully securing yet. Use a square to make sure that the brackets are level, then finish tightening. 
  • Lift mirror and gently guide the lip of its bracket to interlock with the cleat fixed to the wall.
  • Use your level to make sure that the mirror lays evenly. Make adjustments if needed. 

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