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When embarking on any kind of renovation project, there tend to be two main focuses for people: budget and design. For example, a typical shower/bathtub remodel generally costs between $5,000 – $10,000+. Depending on which end of this average you fall on, we’re going to break down which shower option may fit best for your vision.

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Fiberglass: Right for your bathroom?

Fiberglass is a less expensive option than tile, and still instantly offers more style to your bathroom. A white fiberglass shower will provide your bathroom a nice timeless look, and many fiberglass models available today include elegant molded shelving options to provide you with areas to place your toiletries.

Typically you might think of fiberglass as having one generic plain white style, but there is actually a wide array of design options; from gloss to matte, to textured tile patterns that really create an impact. The majority of fiberglass surrounds today have built-in flanges to guide the water into the tub, eliminating caulk lines between the wall panels, which are prone to getting moldy. Another benefit of installing a fiberglass shower or bathtub is installation time. If you’re interested in a faster turnaround time in your bathroom remodel, a fiberglass bathtub can be installed in about half the time a tile shower would take.

Soaking tub and tile detail within shower

Tile: Is it in the budget?

If your bathrooms budget can cover the higher cost, a tile shower may be the answer for you! There are endless options of tile and grout combinations that allow you to get as creative and bold as you’d like. There are also several different patterns and layout designs to make the shower even more detail-oriented. Another feature of a tile shower is the option to relocate the shower drain. Linear and hidden, or even curbless entry showers are possible when creating a new shower from scratch. Recessed niches can also be installed into the tile walls to give you additional space for your toiletries. Tile showers and tub surrounds are more expensive than fiberglass surrounds due to the high amount of labor required to lay each individual tile, however, installing tile gives you the freedom and creativity to bring your vision to life!

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