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How To Replace Your Furnace Filter

Many first-time homeowners may not be aware that if they have a forced-air furnace, it is equipped with a filter that requires replacement every few months. Lucky for you, if you fall into that category, we’re going to walk you through the simple process of taking care of this yourself.

STEP ONE : Identify the Type of Filter

After turning off your furnace, you’ll be able to find the filter inside the furnace or the return air vent.  Take note of the arrow on the filter. This tells you the direction of the airflow. The cardboard frame of the filter will also tell you what size it is.

furnace filter size and direction

STEP TWO: Purchase Replacement Filter

This step was kind of a given, right?  You can find filters at most hardware or home stores, as well as online.

furnace filter

STEP THREE: Install New Filter

The filter will be marked to let you know which side should face the furnace.  Simply slide it in, and replace any cover that may go over it. Turn the furnace back on.

furnace filter replacement

Insider Tip: It’s a good habit to check your filter once a month. Hold it up to the light and if you can’t see the light clearly, there’s your sign.

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